We designed EVA to complement your existing workflow and fit seamlessly into the current way you have meetings. 

Here's what you can expect when you invite EVA to a meeting and joins the call:

  1. EVA joins the call and announces it's on.

When you first dial-in EVA will announce its presence to everyone on the call.

  • "Hi it's EVA, I'll be taking notes and recording the meeting so you can review it later".

2. EVA stays on the call as a participant until you interact via voice commands.

  • Throughout the duration of the call, EVA will remain a silent participant on the call. You don't have to worry about being interrupted or distracted until you are ready to interact.

3. Interact with EVA to create highlights
EVA has the ability to capture key moments from your voice conversations. Any highlight you create during the meeting will be processed and transcribed and sent along in your email summary and available to view in your interactive meeting dashboard after the meeting is over. During a meeting, you can create highlights in two different ways, using Smart Voice Commands or Live Taps.

  • Smart Voice Commands allow you to verbally engage EVA to easily capture action items, decisions, and other key moments.  Say: "Okay EVA", and whatever you say next will get transcribed.  Learn more about Smart Voice Commands
  • Live Taps
    You can view a live version of your meeting through the web app on your desktop or mobile device. From within the live meeting, simply tap to start recording a highlight, and tap again to end it. Learn more about Live Taps

Learn more about Smart Voice Commands

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