The WordCloud and the Meeting X-Ray are two different, powerful tools to help enhance the value of your meetings. You can access both of these features from their respective tabs once you click into a meeting within the web application.

The WordCloud represents a visualization of the entire conversation, with the size of the words shown representing the relative frequency of the usage of each word. WordClouds help you understand the key sentiments and topics of conversation within the entire meeting. You can find more information on the WordCloud here.

The Meeting X-Ray automatically tags and categorizes high-value words, allowing you to easily explore key moments afterward your meeting. For example, the Meeting X-Ray will flag words such as "contract", "pricing", and "go-live" within the Sales category. You can then click on any of the words to jump to the segment of the audio recording when they are mentioned. You can find more information on the Meeting X-Ray here.

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