What Is This Feature?
Allows you to directly dial EVA from your phone without a calendar invite.

How To Use It
Navigate to Settings, and choose Phone Numbers from the menu. Type in your phone number and reply to the confirmation text message. Once your number is logged in the system, simply use that phone to call EVA at +1 (650) 235-4994.

  • Use from a registered mobile phone:
    Simply call EVA from your registered mobile phone number (including country code) and get connected directly. No need to remember passwords or IDs. Just call from your mobile phone.
  • Use from a conference room or unregistered phone:
    You can also call EVA from a land-line or any other phone number. As long as you have at least 1 phone number registered with your Voicera account, you can use that phone number as your identifier. When you dial in to EVA from an unrecognized number, enter your registered phone number to identify yourself. Be sure to enter the correct phone number - the account associated with the  phone number you enter will own the meeting recording. 

How To Leverage This Feature
Use Direct Dial for impromptu meetings, or call directly to debrief with EVA and record notes after your meeting.

Reminder: For international numbers, please remember to dial your international country-code prefix.

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