What Is This Feature?
EVA will now pull in the agendas for your meetings, making it visible during Live Meeting View and keeping a record of your meeting agenda. EVA will also review your meeting agenda and automatically flag key words in the Meeting X-Ray. Additionally, if you add an agenda to your meeting before it starts (either via #1 or #2 below), EVA will automatically send your agenda out to your meeting participants.

How To Use It
You can add a meeting agenda in three ways:

1. Add An Agenda Directly In Your Meeting Invitation

Include an agenda in the body of the meeting invite. You can do this by adding  the word 'Agenda' in the notes section.

2. EVA Will Ask For An Agenda If One Doesn't Exist

20 minutes before your meeting is scheduled to begin, EVA will take a look and see if your meeting invitation has an agenda. If it doesn't, EVA will confirm attendance to the meeting and also give you the option to include add an agenda. The email will say: "P.S. You're missing an agenda; add it below."

At the bottom of this email, you will see the option to include an agenda for your meeting.

Clicking this button will create an email response to EVA, associated with your specific meeting. Make sure to add your agenda items in the section indicated, and click SEND.

Note that EVA cannot currently read attachments, so for the best results please include a text-based agenda in the body of the meeting invite or in your reply to EVA's email.

3. Add Agendas To The Web UI

You can always add an agenda within the web UI by logging in to the meeting and using Live Tap while the meeting is live, or even afterwards.

How To Leverage This Feature
Having agendas for meetings is a best practice to help make sure that all participants are prepared and to keep your meetings on track. In addition, an agenda gives EVA a better sense of what the most important words and topics are for your meeting, enhancing the Meeting X-Ray and allowing you to more easily jump to, and generate highlights of, the most important portions of your meetings.

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