What Is This Feature?
Meeting X-Ray is an innovative new feature that automatically tags and categorizes high-value words, allowing you to easily explore key moments afterward your meeting. For example, the Meeting X-Ray will flag words such as "contract", "pricing", and "go-live" and show them within the Sales category. 

How To Use It
A Meeting X-Ray will be processed automatically. After the meeting, you can either go to the Insights tab on your meeting page or the Triggers & X-Ray under settings on the web, and click on any keyword to listen to the portion(s) of the meeting where that word or phrase is discussed. Click here to learn how to customize your personal Meeting X-Ray.

You can change the number of results you see in your X-Ray by making quality vs quantity tradeoffs. Just click the Rescan X-Ray button and move the slider toward quality if you want fewer, but higher accuracy results, or toward quantity if you want a larger set of results, some of which might be lower confidence. 

How To Leverage This Feature

Drive significant value from EVA, even without active interaction. Meeting X-Ray will add a valuable data layer to your meetings without the need for specific commands.

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