What Is This Feature?
Smart Voice Commands allow you to verbally engage EVA to easily capture action items, decisions, and other key moments, making your meetings more actionable and decisive. 

"Okay EVA" - How To Use It

  • Initiate the capture of an action item or some other moment by stating “Okay EVA”
    (EVA can be pronounced "ee-vuh", "eh-vuh", or "ay-vuh", but "ee-vuh" works best)
  • State your intent or action (e.g. "Send the sales report to Jacob by Tuesday.")
  • State “Thanks EVA” to end the Action Item, which will be acknowledged by another short chime, or simply move on and EVA will stop transcribing after 20 seconds.

For a full list of commands that EVA responds to, click here

How To Leverage This Feature?
Too many meetings end without clear decisions and next steps - the entire purpose of meetings in the first place! Using Smart Voice Commands helps to encourage best practices during meetings, creating and capturing clear action items accessible to all meeting participants.

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