Yes! EVA is designed to work seamlessly with your existing conference call provider.  The following providers are natively supported. You can send an invitation to EVA using these providers and EVA generally knows how to dial in.

Skype For Business
Cisco WebEx
Citrix GoToMeeting
AT&T Collaborate
PGi GlobalMeet
Google Meet

Provider not on this list? Don't worry, EVA will also be able to read the invitation to identify any US based dial-in number. If there is a dial-in number in the invitation details (either location or description), EVA will register the invite and capture the call.

Once EVA is setup to capture a call, you will get a confirmation email. You can also integrate your Google or Office calendar to automatically invite EVA (learn more).

In the event that there is a problem where EVA is not able to dial in, you will get an email asking for some specific information to try and help EVA figure it out. EVA will use that information to learn the standard format that you use to dial in, so you shouldn't have to keep doing this.

EVA can also capture in-person meetings and more! Learn more about the types of meetings EVA can capture here!

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