You can ask EVA to capture an important moment in the call by using Smart Voice Commands. Saying the command "Okay EVA, Action Item" will wake EVA and initiate the highlight and transcription of that moment. You can create as many highlights as you'd like during your meeting. You can also simply say "Okay EVA" and that will capture the 20 seconds prior, and the next 20 seconds for you.

When to use "Okay EVA, Action Item"

Anytime you reach an agreement or make a decision.

  • ex. “Let’s go with proposal number two”

Anytime a task is assigned or delegated.

  • ex. “Marketing can you put together that competitive analysis for us to review next week”

Anytime there is an important status update.

  • “ex. “The launch date has been moved to October 13th”

Anytime you want to ensure accuracy or clarity.

  • ex. “We need language support for English, German and Spanish but not Italian”

When to use "Okay EVA"

Anytime you want to capture the past 20 seconds of audio

  • ex. “What Joe just said is incredibly important, and something we should follow up on next week”

Anytime you want to create a note, but is not an action item.

  • ex. “Lets just make sure to remember the importance of the pricing changes that we are discussing”

You can also use LiveTap to create highlights without using any voice commands.

Learn more about how Smart Voice Commands work, or click here for a full list of supported commands.

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