There are four ways to find key moments from meetings: Highlights, Search, and WordCloud and Meeting X-Ray.

Highlights are moments that you tell EVA about during the meeting. At any point in a meeting you can say "EVA, highlight that" to highlight the last 20 seconds, or "Okay EVA, Action Item" to call out the next 20 seconds. Once the meeting is over, you will get an email with transcripts of your highlights and links to where they happened in the recording of the meeting.

When viewing the meeting recording, you can Search for trigger. You will be presented with a list of all times that the trigger was said during the meeting, and can click on them to jump to them and start listening.

On the meeting page, you will also see your WordCloud. This WordCloud displays words that were said frequently during the meeting, to give you a general idea of what the meeting was about. Clicking on any word in the word cloud will bring you to search results for that word.

On the meeting page, you will also see your Meeting X-Ray, an innovative new feature that automatically tags and categorizes high-value words, allowing you to easily explore key moments afterward your meeting. For example, the Meeting X-Ray will flag words such as "contract", "pricing", and "go-live" and show them within the Sales category. 

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