Audio Presence:

You can customize EVA’s audible response as you engage with EVA during your meeting - choose from full, subtle, or silent mode. By default EVA’s responses are set to full, however you can change EVA’s audio presence under Meeting Settings > EVA'S Audio Presence.

  • Full: EVA will give a full verbal response to commands during your call (example: if you asked “Okay EVA, remind me to send the deck at 3pm”, EVA will respond with “Scheduled”).
  • Subtle: you will hear a subtle chime to confirm that EVA has heard your command. If you ask EVA a specific question (example: “Okay EVA, who is the CEO of Microsoft?”, EVA will give a verbal response, “the CEO of Microsoft is Satya Nadella”)
  • Silent: if you prefer to not to have EVA make any sound during your meeting, you can run EVA in silent mode.

Visual Presence:

You can customize EVA’s visual presence in your web conference. By default EVA will appear as a meeting participant and will display the live transcript in the web conference. You can change EVA’s visual presence under Meeting Settings > EVA’s Visual Presence.   

Pre-Meeting Settings: 

You can also manage what email notifications EVA sends prior to your meetings, as well as manage whether EVA attends your upcoming meetings. 

  • Manage Email Settings: control which emails EVA sends to meeting participants pre and post meeting. By default, EVA will send an email to all internal meeting attendees 20 min prior to the call, and will also send the meeting notes to all internal attendees. Mange EVA’s email settings under Settings > Email Notifications
  • Manage what meetings EVA attends: if you’ve synced your calendar with your Voicea account, EVA will automatically see new meetings as they’re added to your calendar and automatically dial in at the start of your meeting based on your auto-join settings (so you don’t have to remember to add EVA to one-off meeting invites). If you decide you don’t want EVA to join an upcoming meeting, simply update EVA’s join status from the Upcoming page of the Voicea platform (you can also easily drop EVA at the start of your call). Read more here
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