What Is This Feature?

The Voicea Lightning app for Salesforce enables users to view the live transcript and mark highlights while on calls, all directly within Salesforce. With the Voicea Lightning app, reps can easily highlight key account updates and customer feedback from calls, that can be automatically logged under the relevant Opportunity or Account in Salesforce, helping to accelerate deal velocity, flag critical support issues or feedback, improve account handoff and more. 

Once integrated, you can manually push highlights from any meeting into Salesforce, or you can enable auto-sync to have highlights automatically synced to Salesforce after every meeting. Voicea uses the attendees from your meeting and looks them up inside of Salesforce to determine which Opportunity, Account, Lead or Contact to map the meeting highlights to.


Salesforce is a Premium workflow integration, and is available for Voicea Premium or Teams customers. 


In order to use the Voicea Lightning app, you will need to 1) have a Voicea Premium (including Premium trial) or Teams account and 2) install the Voicea app from AppExchange. 

Setup your Salesforce Integration: 

Before you can start sharing highlights to Salesforce, you need to set up your Salesforce integration (learn how here).

Installing from AppExchange: 

To install the Voicea app, go to the Voicea AppExchange listing and click Get It Now. You’ll be asked to Log In to Salesforce, then follow the prompts to install.

The Voicea app works best as a Utility bar app. Once you’ve successfully installed the Voicea app, we recommend you add it as a Utility bar extension (which you can do in either Sales or Service apps).

  • Go to Setup
  • Using Quick Find, search for “App” 
  • Click on App Manager
  • Click on Edit next to Sales (Lightning) or Service Console (Lightning)
  • Click on Utility Items, Add Utility Item, and then select the Voicea app (under Custom - managed)
  • Click Save
  • You’ll now be able to access the Voicea Utility extension directly from the Utility bar at the bottom of your Lightning Sales or Service Console apps.

How to Use the App: 

You should be logged in and have the Voicea app open in another tab when using the Lightning app. 

Now anytime you are in a live meeting with EVA, you can view a live transcript and mark notes, all directly within Salesforce. Specifically, anytime you are:

  • on a call that EVA has been added to from your calendar (either by syncing your calendar or by manually adding [email protected] as an attendee to the calendar invite)
  • on a call that EVA had been added to via Direct Dial or Live Dial
  • in a meeting that is being captured via the Voicea mobile app
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