What Is This Feature?

You can share notes EVA captured from your meeting to Quip, so your team has access to important feedback, decisions and follow ups from your client calls and meetings. 


Quip is a Standard workflow integration, and is available to users on a Premium Trial, Premium, Pro, Standard or Teams plan.

How To Use It

Setting Up your Quip Integration:

To setup your Quip integration, you will first need to generate a unique email address in the Voicea platform and then map it to your Quip account. 

  1. From the Quip Integration page in the Voicea platform add [email protected] under "Email Address to Connect". 
  2. Next you'll need to generate a custom email address by clicking on "XX". Copy the custom email address provided which you'll later paste under your Quip settings.
  3. Next login to your Quip account, and from the account menu in the bottom right corner, select "Notifications..." 
  4. Click on the Email tab, "Add Email Address" and paste the email address you generated in step 2. Click "Done"
  5. You'll receive an email verification to the email address associated with your Voicea account. Click the link to verify.

Find step-by-step instructions in the Quip support center here

Sending Notes to Quip

  • Once your integration has been setup, you can send highlights to Quip:
  • Following your meeting, you can select specific highlights you'd like to push to Quip from any past meetings page.
  • Enable auto-sync if you'd like all your meeting highlights to automatically sync to Quip after every meeting 
  • Your highlights will appear on the Updates tab in Quip. You can also access them under Folders > My Documents > Private.

How To Leverage This Feature

When you receive customer feedback on a customer call or  team meeting, you can have EVA create a note in Quip that you can then share with your broader team, so you can jump on support issues, share product feedback and assign follow-ups to members of your team.  

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