A workspace is a shared hub where members collaborate and share meetings together. Members may only be active in 1 single workspace. You can add members to your workspace, which enables you to collaborate with them. Members of the same workspace can access public channels within that same workspace.

Admins and Owners of a Workspace are able to add new members to teams. 

To add a member to your workspace, navigate to Manage Members within your Voicea account.

Click Manage Members and click the (+) button at the top of the page

Enter an email address and assign any of your available licenses to the member you are inviting to your workspace.

For Teams subscriptions, your license will automatically be set and assigned to your Teams subscription.

To remove a member from your workspace, simply click the triple-dot menu

and then click on Remove Member. Removing a member will remove this member from your team but will not delete their meetings. They will continue to be able to log in, but will not be able to access any of the channels within your workspace, nor will they be governed by any of your Workspace specific settings.

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