What Is This Feature?

After your meeting, you can select highlights from the past meeting page in the Voicea platform to push to a space or to direct users in Webex Teams.  


Webex Teams is a Standard workflow integration, and is available to users on a Premium Trial, Premium, Pro, Standard or Teams plan.

How To Use It

  1. To setup your Webex Teams integration, simply go to the Webex Teams Integration page in the Voicea platform. You'll be redirected to a Webex Teams page to login.  
  2. Once your integration has been setup, you can start sharing highlights from your past meetings to a space or user in Webex Teams.   
  3. Following your meeting, go to the past meeting page in the Voicea platform and select specific highlights you'd like to push to Webex Teams. 
  4. You can either select from a list of spaces you're a part of or users you've already messaged with in Webex Teams. 
  5. You can optionally add a comment before hitting "send"
  6. Your notes will immediately appear within your Webex space or chat, with the highlights text and link to the meeting. 

How To Leverage This Feature

Share important highlights and follow ups with spaces or team members within Webex Teams to keep your team aligned on important decisions and follow ups. 

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