Underneath the covers of every user account on the Voicea platform, there is a Workspace, which governs a number of different components related to a user account. For Teams subscription tiers, certain tiers privileged users within a Workspace are able to set and enforce policy.

About Workspaces

: A workspace is a shared hub where members collaborate and share meetings together. Members may only be active in 1 single workspace. Workspace have custom names which correspond to the name of the company that a customer works for.

When an organization purchases a Teams subscription, they are able to manage the Workspace settings for their Team.

There are certain policies that are able to be enforced at the Workspace level, and which pertain globally to members of the Workspace. See Workspace Settings for details on all the settings which Workspace Primary Owners and Workspace Owners can enforce on a Workspace.

Workspace Roles

Within a Workspace: A Workspace Owner creates a Voicera workspace, promotes Admins to help manage the team, and they together invite and onboard members. As a whole, a workspace is comprised of the following people:

Workspace Owners control the highest-level security and administrative settings for a Workspace. Owners set workspace policy in the Workspace Settings section of the platform.

There are two types of Workspace Owners:

  • Primary Owner (usually the person who created the workspace) has the ability to manage all aspects of a workspace, and is the highest tier of permission allocated within a Workspace. The Primary Owner is the highest level user and can do CRUD operations on everyone that other Owens can do, with the added privilege that the Primary Owner can also transfer Primary Ownership to another Owner. The Primary Owner is the first person who sets up the account and pays for it but the Primary Owner can be transferred to any other Owner. The Primary Owner is the billing administrator for the workspace. There is only 1 Primary Owner for a given workspace.
  • Owners are other highly privileged users within a Workspace. Workspace Owners have all the same rights as the Primary Owner, except that Owners are not able to purchase new subscriptions, manage billing, or grant Primary Ownership to other members of the Workspace. Like Primary Owners, Owners can manage other users, including changing their license assignments, inviting or unlinking members from a workspace, and suspending the accounts of users. A Workspace can have 1 or more Owners. 

Admins can manage members, channels, and maintenance tasks or functions. They have all the rights of Owners, except that they cannot set Workspace level policies. Admins can Manage Members in the Manage Members section of the platform. There can be 1 or more Admins in a Workspace.

  • Members (the default role for everyone) have read access to all public channels in your workspace, and depending on whether they are the host of the meeting or not, will have other access. Members do not have any rights to manage other members or workspace policies, and have no access to either of these sections of the platform.
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