Human Transcripts is an optional service, offered in addition to a Voicea's machine transcription (which is included in your paid Voicea subscription). If you need to make sure your meeting transcripts are at the highest accuracy possible, you can request that your meeting get sent to Voicea's partner,, to have a professional transcriptionist review your audio and provide you a full transcript of your meeting, with human level accuracy. costs $1/minute of audio, rounded to the next minute, and Voicea is proud to pass this fee on to our customers at no additional up-charge. Human Transcripts will take longer than machine transcripts - sometimes up to 24-36 hours to complete, depending on the duration of the meeting recording. Once transcribed, the file will be available for download within the Voicea platform, for all meeting attendees to download and access. Human transcripts do not replace Voicea's automated machine-transcripts within the Voicea platform.

To get a human transcript for your meeting, navigate to the Playback tab of your meeting and click on the triple-dot menu at the top of your transcript. Click "Get Human Transcript" from the dropdown.

You will see the computed cost of the meeting for human transcripts. Costs are calculated at $1/minute multiplied by duration of meeting minutes.

If you decide to continue, you can enter your credit card. This will be a one-time transaction, and will not be recurring. This fee will be an add-on in addition to whatever subscription tier you are on. If you are on a Teams subscription that someone else is paying for, your card will be billed, and not the card of the administrator that is paying for your subscription.

Once your payment succeeds, your meeting data will be sent to Rev's professional transcription team. As soon as your transcript is ready, you will be notified via email and will be able to download the full human transcript in the Human Transcripts tab of your meeting.

Other meeting attendees will also be able to see who requested the Human Transcript, and will be able to download it as soon as it is available. You can download the transcript by clicking the "Download human transcript" button from the "Human Transcripts" tab.

Files will be available in Microsoft Word (.docx) file format.

Transcripts will be speaker-separated, as indicated below:

If encounters difficult audio, the human transcriptionists will use one of the four notation tags below.

  • [inaudible hh:mm:ss] is used when unintelligible or inaudible words are stated. Equivalent to a “blank”in medical transcription.
  • [crosstalk hh:mm:ss] is used when multiple people speaking over each other causes any one of the speakers to become unintelligible.
  • [foreign languagehh:mm:ss] is used for any non-English portions of audio. The beginning will be indicated with a timestamp and either the name of the language (if known) or simply ‘foreign language’. 
  • [phonetic hh:mm:ss] is used when the transcriptionist is unable to research a definitive spelling of a proper noun or industry terminology. In this case, they will include an attempted spelling in brackets with a timestamp. Phonetic tag will only be used for the first instance of the word and will be consistent with each attempted spelling in later usages.

For the definitive style and captioning guides for's human transcripts, see below:

Note: Human Transcripts are not governed by Transcript Asset Retention settings. Even if your machine transcripts are subject to an asset retention policy, your Human Transcripts are not subjected to these retention policies.

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