There are many ways to configure your Salesforce page layouts, and sometimes certain items are hidden within your page layouts. Voicea's Salesforce integrate uses the Salesforce "Notes and Attachments" field. While this has been replaced by a newer version of "Notes" in the Winter '18 release, to maintain maximum compatibility with Salesforce, Voicea uses the more widely adopted "Notes and Attachments" field. If you are not seeing your highlights show up inside of Salesforce, the first thing to check is to make sure you you have added Notes and Attachments within your Opportunities or Accounts page layouts.

To make sure that "Notes and Attachments" are included in your relevant page layouts:

  1. Click on either Accounts or Opportunities
  2. Click on Page Layouts
  3. Select the appropriate Page Layout template that you or your team uses
  4. Edit the page layout
  5. Select Related Lists
  6. Drag "Notes and Attachments" into your page layout
  7. Click Save

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