What Is This Feature?

Using voice commands, you can have EVA create a note in Confluence Server Edition to help you remember important action items and follow ups from your meeting. 

After your meeting, you can also select specific highlights to push to Confluence as notes from the past meeting page in the Voicea platform.

Confluence is a Standard workflow integration, and is available to users on a Premium Trial, Premium, Pro, Standard or Teams plan.

NOTE: This integration required Confluence Server Edition AND a third-party plugin to work. This integration is currently marked as "experimental" in the Voicea platform, as Confluence Server configurations and deployments vary quite dramatically from organization to organization.

How To Use It

  1. To setup your Confluence Server Edition integration, you will first need to configure Confluence Server Edition to allow you to send emails to Confluence in order to create pages and posts. Confluence Server edition has a marketplace of applications which allow you to do this (unfortunately it appears that Confluence Cloud Edition does not have any way to do this. The Voicea team is in touch with Atlassian about this, but at the time of posting there is no way to integrate with Confluence Cloud edition without the use of a third-party like Zapier).
  2. To configure your Confluence Server Edition to accept email-created-posting, you will need to install and configure a plugin for Confluence. For instance, you can use one like "Send Email to Page". You can also evaluate "Email to Confluence". Please follow the instructions for how to configure this.
  3. Once this plugin is configured, take the unique email address from Confluence and add it to your Voicea integration page.
  4. Once your integration has been setup, say "OK EVA, create a note" during your meeting and EVA will create a note in Confluence. 
  5. Following your meeting, you can select specific highlights you'd like to push to Confluence from the past meetings page.

How To Leverage This Feature

Have EVA create a note in Confluence (either using voice commands during your meeting or from the past meeting page following your meeting) to help you remember important action items and follow ups from your meeting. 

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