In any meeting where EVA is present, you can use specific voice commands to have EVA take actions and turn talk into action.  This simply means when you ask EVA to do something, it'll get done, just as with any other assistant.  Below are some of the best voice commands you can use in your meetings, so give it a try!

What Is This Feature?

Voice commands enable you to invoke EVA during your meeting to mark a highlight, remind the meeting attendees to join the meeting, create a task, schedule a calendar reminder, and more!

How To Use It

Below is a list of voice commands EVA will respond to, as well as the expected response. Try them out and send us your feedback at [email protected]

How To Leverage This Feature

Use voice commands to have EVA immediately create a ticket or task in any of your integrated task management tools, summarize the key meeting takeaways, set a reminder on your calendar, remind team members the meeting has started, and more! 

Voice commands are often used in response to someone requesting a follow up (whether it’s to schedule a follow up meeting, requesting a copy of the deck or a contract, etc.) or at the end of the meeting to summarize the key meeting takeaways. While users may only use a couple of voice commands during a meeting, they’re high value because they immediately impact workflow and make meetings more actionable. 

Setting Up Voice Command Integrations

There are a number of integrations which are voice command driven - before using a voice command to have EVA create a task or note in the following platforms, you'll need to quickly set up the Integrations tab under Settings:

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