What Is This Feature?
Audio Upload enables you to upload audio files from your meetings that Voicea will transcribe and provide a summary of with the meeting highlights. 

Audio Upload is available to Premium + Premium trial customers. 

Customers can upload a max of 15 hours of audio files per month. 

Audio file size limitation is 1G.

Where To Find It
Find the “Upload Audio Files” button at the top of the Past meetings page.   

How To Use It

  • Click on “Upload Audio File” at the top of the Past meetings page
  • Either Drag + Drop or Choose a file from your desktop 
  • A progress bar will automatically appear showing the status of your upload. Once your audio file has finished uploading, you may click “Done” to close the window.
  • The Past meetings page will automatically refresh, and your meeting will automatically appear at the top of the page.
  • It will take approximately 1x the duration of your audio file for the file to process and be transcribed.

File formats supported: .mp3, .wav

How To Leverage This Feature
Use the audio upload feature to access a full transcript and meeting summary with highlights for meetings you recorded on your phone, desktop or via your web conferencing system.

Keep in mind that the audio quality will impact the quality of the transcript, so it is recommended you use this feature for high-quality audio recordings. 

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