works perfectly well with EVA, but there are some things to know to make sure that EVA joins properly. One of the nuances with FreeConferenceCall is that the dial-in format appears like a normal telephone number. For instance, an example (515) 603-4919,, 123456# is a valid FreeConferenceCall number, however to actually get into the conference, requires you to confirm the number by pressing 1# at the end of the number. EVA needs some additional information to know to do this. There are two options to resolve this:

1. If you add the word "FreeConferenceCall" into your meeting invitation, EVA will know to automatically add the 1# when trying to dial in.

Bad Invite => "(515) 603-4919; 123456#"
Good Invite => "freeconferencecall (515) 603-4919; 123456#"

2. The other option is to simply add the #1 to end of the passcode in your invite

Bad Invite => "(515) 603-4919; 123456#"
Good Invite:=> "(515) 603-4919; 123456#1#"
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