What Is This Feature?
Accurate transcripts of your highlights are quickly and automatically produced by EVA. You can go back and create highlights from the transcript of your past meeting at any time. 

If you are on a Voicea Premium plan, you will receive an Enhanced Transcript which has been re-processed for additional error correction. 

Where To Find It
To find your full meeting transcript, go to the meeting page by clicking on the Past meeting tab in the top navigation in the Voicea platform. 

You can also navigate to this page by clicking on the “View Meeting Notes” button from the meeting recap email you’ll automatically receive from EVA after each meeting. 

By default, only the Highlights are shown, however to view the full transcript simply select “Highlights and Transcripts” from the dropdown on the left. 

How To Use It
EVA will automatically transcribe your full meeting and listen for important moments to mark as highlights. Within the Highlights and Transcripts tab on your meeting page in the web app, you can download the full transcript, or go back and search for moments you’d like to mark as Highlights. Simply search for the section of content you’re looking for, click on the 4 dots to mark a moment as a Highlight. From there you can update the highlight type to Note, Action Item, Decision or Next Step. Once you’ve marked something as a Highlight you can edit the text by simply clicking into the text. 

How To Leverage This Feature
Review, search, edit or download the full transcript from your meeting to have as a record of the full meeting minutes. You can also retroactively go back and mark moments as highlights from the meeting transcript to share with your team.

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