You can easily have EVA join any of the 3 basic types of meetings:

  1. Conference calls
  2. In-person meetings
  3. Directly Dialing EVA

Conference Calls

Connect your Google or Office 365 calendar to have EVA automatically attend meetings with URLs or dial-ins where you are the host. If needed, you can further set your auto-join preferences to limit EVA to internal or external meetings only.

Don't have a Google or Office 365 calendar at work? No problem, simply:

  1. Find a meeting on your work calendar with a dial-in or meeting URL
  2. Add [email protected] as an attendee in the cc line (note: be sure to send the invite from the registered account email or add more emails to your account)
  3. Receive confirmation from EVA
  4. EVA will attend the call as a participant to capture the meeting and take notes 

In-Person Meetings

If you want EVA to help in an in-person meeting, download our app for iOS or Android and EVA can join you in the room, too! From the mobile app, you can launch a "Quick Launch" by simply pressing the record button on the main screen.

To create a more collaborative EVA experience in person, launch a recording from the calendar. Calendar recordings will enable all attendees to participant in the live session. Attendees can view the live transcript, take down highlights, and even add time-stamped comments.  After the meeting, attendees will automatically be given access to the meeting summary.

Direct Calls

To have EVA takes notes on a phone call, simply call EVA at 650-235-4994, then merge another call from your iPhone or Android device to have EVA capture the conversation.

Please note that you must register your phone number to your account in order for EVA to know its you.  You can do that by visiting your profile here.

If you need help getting EVA into a meeting, ping us at [email protected] 

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