How does pricing and the Premium trial work?

EVA's just waiting for you to try it out. You have full access to all the Premium features of Voicea for 30 days during your trial. After your 30-day trial of our Premium plan ends, you will need to provide a credit card to continue using the Premium features. If you do nothing, we will automatically default you to a free plan with limited features. 

What's included in the free plan?

In the free plan, you can still use Voicea, and all your existing recordings are still available to you anytime. However, moving forward, you will not have access to the Premium features such as enhanced-quality transcripts and you'll be limited to 25-minute recordings.

What is the difference between Free, Standard, Pro and Premium?

Premium = Best for the person who is in a lot of meetings and wants the highest quality transcripts for every minute of every meeting.

Pro = Best for the person who spends most of their day in meetings and wants a simpler, easier way to review action items, organize their follow up and coordinate with their team. 

Standard = Best for the person who is really only in a few meetings each week and would like to be more organized coming out of them, coordinating follow up with others. 

Free = A great way to check out what the Voicea tool does, and still maintain access to your old meetings. You will likely want to upgrade so you can have EVA join meetings more than 25 minutes.

You can learn more about our current pricing plans here.

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