What Is This Feature?

Under the Premium plan, you can access refined transcripts of your full meeting that have been passed through an additional layer of error correction. Use the transcript to search for specific moments from your meeting or go back and mark an important moment as a highlight that you can share with your team or push into your task management tools. 

How To Use It

EVA will automatically transcribe any meeting you have invited EVA to join, and listen for important moments to flag as highlights. During your meeting, you can view a live, rapid transcript on the LiveTap page (you can navigate to the LiveTap page either via the bell icon in the upper right hand corner of the web app or by clicking on the LIVE meeting under the Past tab).

Following your meeting, you can access the meeting highlights, transcript, and full audio recording from the Past meeting page. Under the Premium plan, the full transcript is passed through an additional layer of error correction which takes approximately 30-60 min to process, depending on the length of your meeting. A progress bar is included on the meetings page so you can view progress as your meeting is being processed. 

By default the Highlights are shown to provide a synopsis of the meeting with important moments and action items extracted for you. To access the full transcript, click on the Playback tab, The transcript is viewed on the right side and broken out by speaker to visually mark speaker transitions in the conversation.

In the Playback view, you can search the transcript for triggers or phrases, download the full transcript or go back and mark moments as highlights by clicking on the icon to the left of any section of the transcript.

How To Leverage This Feature

Enhanced transcripts are meant for users who want a record of their entire meeting, and plan to leverage the full meeting transcript (vs. just meeting highlights). 

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