1) Inviting EVA

Like any meeting attendee, EVA needs to be invited.

  • Go to your calendar (Outlook, iCal, Gmail, Beehive—whatever you use) and add [email protected] to any calendar meeting(s) with a dial-in number or web URL to join. 
  • For in-person meetings, download the Voicea app, available in iOS or Android.

2) Let EVA Mark The Moments

EVA will mark the important moments you tell it to in your meetings.  EVA listens for voice commands and key trigger words that you control and marks those as highlights from your meeting.  These are the highlights that EVA will email you after the meeting is over.  

You can capture important moments by voice command, “OK EVA, Action Item." You can also mark moments manually in the LiveTap view in the web app and that will alert EVA without any verbal command.

3) The Post-Meeting Email

Once your meeting is over, EVA will review the highlights and send them to you over email.  These highlights along with the audio snippets will typically come within 30 minutes of the meeting being completed.   

4) After Your Meeting

At anytime after the meeting, you can check out the post-meeting experience by visiting the Voicea platform.  In here you will see:

  • Meeting insights.
  • A transcript and recording.
  • Your upcoming and past meetings.
  • Share functions to push notes to email, Salesforce, Slack or any of 25+ integrations to other collaboration and note-taking systems.
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