EVA automatically listens for specific kinds of words that sound like action items, decisions, and next steps. You control these trigger words that EVA listens for by customizing your Triggers.  If you say key words, like "Action Item" during a meeting, EVA will capture that as a highlight. EVA even listens for more sophisticated phrases, such as "lets take this offline". EVA's predictive models would hear this, define it as an important moment, and take a highlight.

With custom triggers, you can now tell EVA to listen to a custom set of words, or phrases with up to 5 words in them, which are completely customizable to you. Custom Triggers allows you to tell EVA to listen for these specific words. 

Simply click on Triggers and see some example triggers that EVA is already listening for.

To add additional triggers and phrases, enter them in the text entry field and click enter.

Custom triggers work best on words that are important but neither too obscure, nor too frequent. For instance, the phrase "ready to buy" is a good example of a moment when you might want EVA to take a highlight for you. However, if you use a word that is too generic like "go ahead", or "make sure", you will likely end up with too many highlights.

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