We hate to see you go - and we would encourage you get in touch with the Voicea support team before deleting your account. You have two options - you can either cancel / downgrade to a free account plan or permanently delete your account. For security purposes, we cannot cancel or delete a user's account on their behalf. 

How to Cancel Your Account (recommended)
Voicea offers a limited use, free account plan. By downgrading to a free account, you retain access to all your past meetings recorded by EVA. 

Cancelling – login to the Voicea app, go to Settings > Subscription Management and click the "cancel" button.

How to Delete Your Account (this is permanent and cannot be undone)
If you don’t want to be on a free account, you have the option to permanently delete your account. This will delete everything, including all your past meetings. 

Deleting your account – login to the Voicea app, go to Settings > Security & Login and click the "delete account" button.

 Please be careful when deleting your account - it will be completely unrecoverable - there will be nothing the Voicea team will be able to do to reverse this action.

When you click the Delete Account button, you are required to click the button "Permanently DELETE My Account NOW", which will immediately delete your information and redirect you to the sign-in page.

IMPORTANT: Deleting your account may impact other users of the Voicea platform who might be relying on the meetings you have recorded. Since meetings which you have organized and recorded using EVA will no longer be available to other users of the Voicea platform, it is advised that you check with your colleagues prior to deleting your account.

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