If you have integrated your Microsoft Office365 or Google G-Suite calendar, EVA will automatically read your calendar and join meetings based on the settings you have defined when you configured your integration. However, there may be an upcoming meeting which is private, and you don't want EVA to join. In this case, you can easily let EVA know to treat this meeting as an exception, and to not join. You can do this two different ways:

  1. Upcoming daily digest of meetings EVA is planning to attended
  • At the beginning of every day, EVA will send you an email with the meetings that are planned for the day. Next to each meeting, there is a link that allows you to prevent EVA from joining. Simply click this link - "Want EVA to sit this one out - click here" - and EVA will know not to join your upcoming meeting.

2) 20 minutes before your meeting starts

  • If your email settings are configured to send you a reminder before your meeting starts, EVA will email you 20 mins before the meeting is scheduled to start. You can also tell EVA not to join directly from this email. Simply click on the button that says "Do Not Join".

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