What Is This Feature?
LiveTap comments allow you to create public and private notes, directly within the LiveTap interface. Creating public and private comments is a quick and easy way to mark an important moment in a meeting. You can switch between posting public comments that anyone in the meeting can see, and private comments, which are only visible to you.

How it Works:

  • Within the LiveTap interface, simple start typing in the Comments box. By default, Comments are marked as private.
  • When you are finished writing your comment, you can simply hit enter on your keyboard. This will post the comment to the meeting feed. By default, comments are marked as private.

You can choose to make comments public as well. When you make comments public, they are accessible to all users who have access to the meeting. Use public comments with caution, as they will be immediately visible in the meeting feed.

After your meeting has concluded, you can review each of your comments, and click to start playing back audio from the moment that the comment was entered into the Voicea platform.

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