What Is This Feature?
Meeting Insights are produced after your meeting, and included in a post-meeting email that gets sent to all meeting attendees. Meeting Insights analyzes sentiment, agreement, and inquisitiveness, themes, actionability, and how quantitative a meeting was.

How To Use It

  • Meeting insights are sent for all meetings. You will receive meeting insights in your email inbox after the meeting.

What kinds of Insights to Expect

  • Possible Meeting Themes: "security, integration, contract, feedback, analytics"
  • Notable Mentions: "David, Charles, Susan, Karen",
  • Sentiment: "EVA noticed the abundance of positive sentiment in this meeting; keep it up!"
  • Actionability: "This meeting was more action-oriented than 99% of EVA-powered meetings!"
  • Quantitativeness: "This meeting was more quantitative than 94% of all meetings EVA has attended."
  • Inquisitiveness: "This meeting had more questions than 74% of all meetings EVA has attended."
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