What Is This Feature?
There are some cases where you might want to add additional collaborator to a meeting in the Voicea interface. For instance:

  • Direct Dial: If you direct dial EVA, you might be using the Direct Dial feature to call EVA and then merge in another phone line to the call. Or you might direct dial EVA from your phone and put it on a conference room table in case you don’t have a conference bridge.
  • Participants not on the invite: Participants might be grabbed last minute to join a meeting, when they were not originally on the invite directly.
  • Distro Lists: An entire distro list could be invited to a calendar invitation, in which case attendees on the distro list would not actually have access to the meeting within the Voicea platform.

Adding collaborators allows you to give access to colleagues, even if they were not on the original meeting invitation. Collaborators can be added to the meeting by the meeting owners (either the meeting inviter or the meeting organizer), and will have the same visibility to the meeting as any other meeting participant. Collaborators can listen to audio, use WordCloud, X-Ray, and see highlights. Adding collaborators to your meeting is a great feature if you want to collaborate with colleagues on the contents of a meeting. When you add a Collaborator to a meeting, the person you add will be notified via email, and will immediately be given rights to access this meeting.

How it Works:

  • On your meeting page, you will see a Collaborators section
  • Click on Add Collaborator to your meeting
  • If you are adding someone who is from an outside domain, confirm that you want to continue.
  • Collaborators will get an email letting them know they have been invited to the meeting. If you are sharing to an email address that has not yet registered for an account, that user will be prompted to register for an account before they have access to the meeting.
  • Collaborators will immediately gain access to the meeting. All participants of the meeting can see who the collaborators are.
  • If you want to remove a collaborator, simply click to remove them, and they will be removed immediately.

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