What Is This Feature?
Private Debrief is a way to capture private notes and have them associated to your meeting. When Private Debrief is enabled, EVA will call you directly after your meeting. You will then receive an SMS message with a private link. When you click the link, EVA will call you and record up to 45 seconds of audio, which will then be transcribed and associated to your meeting - but only you will be able to see the debrief (unless you share it). If you are on-the-go after a meeting and want to capture personal followups, or record reactions that you might not want to express during your meeting, enabling Private Debrief after the call is a perfect feature for you.

How it Works:

  • Register your number with your Voicea account and then enable Private Debrief for all meetings, just external meetings, or disable
  • Invite EVA to a meeting as you normally would, and afterwards EVA will send you an SMS with a private link
  • Click the link and EVA will call your phone immediately and record up to 45 seconds of audio
  • This audio will be transcribed and available for you as part of your meeting highlights, but will be private - only you will be able to see them.
  • You will also receive an email immediately after your debrief, with the transcript of your debrief. You can manage your debrief email settings here.

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