What Is This Feature?
You can now customize your Meeting X-Ray settings to include only the categories that you find most important. You can also create custom categories and custom words to ensure you are capturing the phrases that are most impactful for you. Custom Meeting X-Ray is a personalized feature - the results of your Meeting X-Ray will not necessarily be the same as those of another user.

How To Use It
Customizing your meeting Meeting X-Ray settings can be done from the Triggers & X-Ray section in the User Settings page.  You can also click on the "Customize X-Ray" button from within your Meeting View.

Within the Triggers & X-Ray page, you can toggle On and Off any of the Standard Categories. These include categories such as Action Items, Questions, Commitments, etc.

At the bottom of the page, you can also create Custom Categories, with words and phrases that you would like to be captured in your Meeting X-Ray. You can add a category by clicking "Add a New Category" at the bottom of the page, and then giving your Category a title and a set of seed input words.

Meeting X-Ray will not just flag the key terms that you add, but also related words. For example, if you add the word "happy", words such as "delighted", "glad," and "happier" will also be included.

If you change your settings and would like to review a meeting that has already taken place, simply click on the "Rescan X-Ray" button to update the X-Ray for your current settings.

How To Leverage This Feature
Improve the value of your Meeting X-Ray by ensuring that it is capturing the most important moments from your meeting, making it even easier to get the information you need.

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