What Is This Feature?
The Voicea integration into Slack allows customers to push their highlights into a Slack channel or directly to a user within Slack. Users can select one or more highlights, which will be posted in Slack along with other meeting information including meeting name, date, time, and participants, we well as a quick link back to the Voicea platform.


Slack is a Standard workflow integration, and is available to users on a Premium Trial, Premium, Pro, Standard or Teams plan.

How To Use It
Learn how to set up your Slack integration
Learn how to use your Slack integration
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Key Features:

  • Push highlights to Slack channels or Slack users
  • Add comments to the highlights you share into Slack
  • Share meeting details and highlight transcripts
  • Link back to Voicea where users can hear the meeting audio, explore the WordCloud, and use X-Ray

Slack Integration Support:

  • For questions or help with your Slack integration, please contact us at [email protected]

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