What Is This Feature?

The Voicea integration into Salesforce enables users to easily log meetings and sync notes under the relevant Opportunity or Account in Salesforce, making it easy to track account history, all under the relevant record in Salesforce. 

The integration does not require any customization by end-users or administrative privileges - all you have to do is link your Salesforce account and invite EVA to your meetings. 

Once integrated, you can manually push highlights from any meeting into Salesforce, or you can enable auto-sync to have highlights automatically synced to Salesforce after every meeting. Voicea uses the attendees from your meeting and looks them up inside of Salesforce to determine which Opportunity, Account, Lead or Contact to map the meeting highlights to.


Salesforce is a Premium workflow integration, and is available for Voicea Premium or Teams customers. 

How To: 

Setting Up Your Salesforce Integration:

To start using the Voicea Salesforce integration, please navigate to the Salesforce Integrations page within the Voicea platform. Click the Gear icon to enable the integration, and then click Connect to Salesforce.

You will be redirected to Salesforce.com, and asked to log in to Salesforce with your Salesforce credentials.

Once you log in, you will need to authorize the Voicea platform to post to your Salesforce account on your behalf. Click Allow in order to proceed.

Once you click Allow, Salesforce will redirect you back to the Voicea platform. You will see that the Salesforce Integration page will now have details of your Salesforce account.

Integration Settings:

Once you’ve connected your Salesforce account, you’ll be given the option to 1) enable Auto-Sync with Salesforce and 2) define your Manual Integration Settings: 

  1. Auto-Sync with Salesforce: if you have enabled Auto-Sync, Voicea will attempt to post highlights as notes and log an event under the relevant record in Salesforce after every meeting. Voicea will sync highlights to the relevant Salesforce record, by matching meeting attendees to Salesforce Contacts, and then the Account or Opportunity associated with that Contact. Highlights are synced after the meeting highlights and transcript have been processed by Voicea (approximately 20 min after your meeting).
  2. Manual Integration Settings: you can select what meeting information you’d like synced to Salesforce when sharing highlights. You may choose to sync both Highlights as Notes and Meetings as Events (recommended default) or just sync Highlights as Notes in Salesforce.

If your Integration Settings are set to send Highlights as Notes and Meetings as Events, you will see 2 objects created in Salesforce:

  • Notes in Salesforce: Notes include Meeting Name, Highlight Transcript, URL link back to the Voicea platform to listen to the audio, Date of the Meeting, and a link to the associated Opportunity or Account in Salesforce.
  • Events in Salesforce: Events in Salesforce include the Meeting Date, Title, Time. This is useful if you want to log all your meetings in Salesforce.

If your Integration Settings are set to send Just Highlights as Salesforce Notes, you will see just the Notes in Salesforce.

Make sure your Salesforce Page Layouts include "Notes and Attachments". To learn how, click here:  http://help.voicea.com/integrations/where-do-my-highlights-show-up-inside-of-salesforce

You are all set up! You are ready to start using your Salesforce integration to push highlights into Salesforce!

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