What Is This Feature?
The Voicea integration into Salesforce allows customers to push their highlights and meeting details into Salesforce, making it easy to track your calls and store your meeting notes in Salesforce. The integration does not require any customization by end-users or administrative privileges - all you have to do is link your Salesforce account and invite EVA to your meetings. 

Once integrated, you can manually push highlights from any meeting into Salesforce, or you can enable auto-sync to have highlights automatically synced to Salesforce after every meeting. Voicea uses the attendees from your meeting and looks them up inside of Salesforce to determine which Opportunity, Account, Lead or Contact to map the meeting highlights to.

How To Use It
Learn how to set up your Salesforce integration
Learn how to use your Salesforce integration

Key Features:

  • Individual Salesforce users can link their Voicea account to their Salesforce account using oAuth, from the Settings → Integrations page within the Voicea platform.
  • Once the accounts are linked, users can decide whether they want Voicera to either automatically log highlights in Salesforce (by turning Auto-Sync with Salesforce on) or manually push highlights from any meeting to Salesforce post meeting.
  • Users can also select whether they want Voicea to log highlights and meeting details in Salesforce (by selecting Highlights as Notes and Meetings as Events) of if they prefer they can elect to just add Highlights and not add the Meeting Details (by selecting Just Highlights as Salesforce Notes).

When manually pushing highlights to Salesforce, users will be prompted to either: 

  • select an existing Salesforce Opportunity or Account to link the highlights to (based on Voicea matching the attendees of a meeting to existing Salesforce contacts and the associated Opportunity or Account)
  • or create a new Salesforce Opportunity or Account. If the user decides to create a new Opportunity or Account, Voicea will automatically create the Opportunity or Account within Salesforce and will also create contacts in Salesforce for all of the meeting participants that are from external email domains.
  • If meeting attendees are linked to multiple Salesforce accounts, Voicea will prompt the user to select the appropriate account to link to.
  • Once a highlight is sent into Salesforce, it is linked unidirectionally from the Voicea platform into Salesforce. Any changes to that highlight inside of the Voicea platform will flow into Salesforce without requiring the user to re-sync.

Make sure your Salesforce Page Layouts include "Notes and Attachments". To learn how, click here:  http://help.voicea.com/integrations/where-do-my-highlights-show-up-inside-of-salesforce

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