What Is This Feature?
Allows you to download a vCard into your computer or phone address book. This puts EVA's email address and Direct-Dial phone number right at your fingertips.

How To Use It
Navigate to Settings, and choose Phone Numbers from the menu. Click "Download vCard for EVA". 

Add EVA's vCard to Apple Contacts
Once you do this, you should be able to double-click the .vcf file that gets downloaded to your desktop. This will import the .vcf file into your Address Book.

EVA's contact information will now appear in your address book. 

Add EVA's vCard to Gmail Contacts
If you are using a webmail application like Google Gmail, you can import vCards directly by logging into Gmail and clicking on the “Mail” drop-down menu near the top-left of the Gmail window and choose "Contacts". Then go to the “More” button and select "Import Contacts".

Then click "Choose file" and select the vCard (eva.vcf) from your Downloads folder.

Add EVA's vCard to Microsoft Outlook

You can also import vCards to Outlook by following Microsoft's instructions, here

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